A walk ‘over the tops’ had always been Mac’s way of relaxing, and today was no exception. With a vista of green ahead, the sound of nature alive and bristling with expectation he breathed the fresh clean morning air and crossed the lawn.
The days prospect looked good, and with the sun just rising above tree level he made his way up the last few steep garden steps that led to the trail which passed the back iron gate of his families property.
Overhanging his route five tall Spruce hid the lower aspect of the garden from the public pathway ahead. As if to remind him of the new season of spring a red squirrel scampered from one branch to another above his head. Needles of brown and beige fell to the ground as the metal gate clattered shut behind him.
” Mornin Mac “. A voice bellowed from a neighbour across the way. A thin long body wound around a tree stump and waved an arm towards him. “Is Beth in?” The blue overall clad man was an old friend of Mac’s mother, the lady he was asking after.
“She’s in the garden. Taking advantage of this lovely morning” His words echoed more of celebration than statement of fact.
“Enjoy” the fellow gardener replied, making his way across to visit the place Mac had just vacated.
Mac gestured skyward acknowledging the wonder of the day. “I will, see you later.” With that he set off along the well trod route to the sound of church bells chiming out practice.