The straight line his well worn walking boots now navigating once carried a railway network in days long ago, many decades before even Macs grandparents were born. It was removed during the “last push” along with all the rural lines, so now a spiders web of drove ways crisscrossed the county and indeed the country connecting communities with more time on their hands than ever before.
To his left the town’s huge allotment bustled with activity. Rank and file of well tended huts and plots bathed in sunlight, bounded on the north by mature oaks casting shadows across his path.
Numerous gestures of greeting followed him along the border of the gardens, none more enthusiastic than Macs associate and childhood friend, whose shout of “still fishing tonight fella” drifted on the still air.
Mac checked his gait. His blue pullover sleeves slung over his shoulders flapped a little. He had not owned the hitherto bent over figure until just then. “Sure thing. Gonna do a videocon this afternoon when I get home, complete the editing and email it off then the trout beckon.” Mac mimicked casting a line towards the allotments.
Both men thumbed a sign and continued on their chosen endeavours. A few vehicles whispered along underneath the bridge Mac walked on en route into the almost self sufficient township.
This bridge led him into the countryside proper and the patchwork of field systems given over this season to arable, pasture and rest. A tractor or two were employed ploughing and planting, their silent movement surprising bird and hare as they sneaked upon them. Pheasant flew about him reflecting colours of opalescent green and blue from wings in motion.
Couple of hours walking, call in town for lunch then finish workstation before dinner. Mmmmm going to be one fine day.
A couple of horse and riders approached from an off shot lane. The huntsmen at the rear dragged a deer in his wake.
Both chestnut mares glistened with the thrill of the outing. The front animal held Macs twin sister. The two chattered a moment about the evenings meal and then went separate ways.