Ey up! Sithee ere at what I got from yon ‘I’m from Yorkshire’ website. A reight smashing bit o’ crockery. Nice n strong it is too, none o’ ya thin pot it’ll sure tek a beating in’t sink wi all t’others. Reightins gud n all, reight clear tis, wi sum proper Yorkshire dialect on it. Am fair chuffed to be honest.
Having just received my mug from the ‘I’m from Yorkshire’ website I just thought I would like to share how pleased I am with it whilst giving the venture a mention as well. The mug is well made and well glazed with a strong handle to it. The words are clearly written in dialect and stand out clearly black on white. The same design is on both sides of the mug. Needless to say it brews a grand cup of my favourite tea!?
Take a look at their website.