So, what am I involved with at the present. Okay. Firstly I have just completed the last, latest, no last read through of Bridge part two. It is now going to be uploaded to the Amazon kindle ebook store in the next few weeks and formatted for sale. The first part has been live for about a year so I figured it was time for the second instalment of the trilogy to keep the interest going. 

The blog (Google Strihc) has been given over lately to a daily update of items pertinent to the theme of the novels but has not been privy to any actual story content. I did not want to give the narrative away. I have the notion to put Bridge part one by Newton Richards up for free when part two is activated. Still cannot decide on that course of action though as yet. If it goes up for free then it might aggrieve those who paid for it in the first place. 
And that is where I am at, starting now on Bridge part three with an incline to allowing some amount of input from the blog as to where the narrative leads and finishes. 
Bridge part two is almost ready for publication. 

If you’ve missed the hype, read the type.

Bridge. A liminal threshold to Pagan Utopia or the deluded machination of a troubled mind.