Okay so part three is begun:

Mac awoke with a start. Terrible did not go half way to describing his well being as he lay in between the bedcovers of his own bed. Sal’s and his own bed. Here at last, returned to the bosom of his family, and even with this ache of body, mind and soul, this disease of unnatural doing, he still revelled in the opportunity blessed upon him. He had returned.

Aunt Bessie was the first person he caught the eye of. She was standing behind all the other members of the family in attendance at his bedside. Mum, Dad, Gramps and Sal were each looking his direction, concern and sympathy plastered across their faces but it was his Aunt who claimed his attention over the rest of them. This cunning woman, this drawer down of Mater, worker of the five elements was motioning him not to say a word by putting her left index finger up to her pursed lips. She was pretending to scratch below her nose but he knew of her instruction. In her other hand she toyed with her silver pendant, this labyrinth-like design of three expanded spokes within a wheel, a symbol of the guardian of crossroads it represented the three aspects of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone. Of some inches across Mac had never thought on it before but Bessie had always had this talisman, the silvery metal strung about her neck on a beautiful thin chain of the same, yes it had always hung there for as long as he could remember. 

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Bridge. A liminal threshold to Pagan Utopia or the deluded machination of a troubled mind.